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We are building a very differentiated company that focuses on bringing innovation to the treatment of high unmet medical needs by focusing on the cause of the condition and sparing the rest of the incredible ecosystem that is the human body. Precision-targeting agents will be the new standards of care because they benefit patients and healthcare providers by minimizing trauma while curing the disease, which, in turn, creates value for society and payers alike.


Bob Duggan
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman


As a company, we are committed to keeping the patient at the forefront of everything we do. We are believers in the power of innovation and how it can change patients’ lives. Many of our world-class executives return to us from past adventures to collaborate with new, talented leaders working with us for the first time. Our combined past accomplishments and our current drive speak volumes as to the impact we can have on patients. Our mission-driven culture to always consider how we can help patients in every decision we make will ultimately guide us to making a meaningful difference in resolving high unmet needs. Bob and I are humbled by the opportunity to lead this impressive group of accomplished executives and teammates as we seek to expand our pipeline to achieve this goal.


Maky Zanganeh
Co-Chief Executive Officer & President