Strategy & Mission

We’re developing new mechanism antibiotics to become the new standards of care

Summit Therapeutics is a leader in antibiotic innovation

We have a clear strategy: through new science and philosophy, we are creating new opportunities to become the standard of care for serious infectious diseases.

New Science

Innovation drives success in medicine. In the field of antibiotics research, no new classes of antibiotics have been approved in 15 years. With our promising pipeline and the ability of our Discuva Platform to develop future new mechanism antibiotics, we aim to change that.

Our proprietary Discuva Platform is designed to uncover novel bacterial targets and develops new mechanism antibiotics against them.

In addition, ridinilazole, our Phase 3 new mechanism antibiotic for C. difficile infection (‘CDI’), is being supported by an award worth up to $72.5 million from BARDA.

New Philosophy

We think about antibiotics differently. We design our new mechanism antibiotics to be specific for the pathogen or infection. We believe this allows us to develop antibiotics capable of meeting the unmet needs of patients and healthcare providers, show clear advantages over current therapies and create value for payors and healthcare systems. We aim to develop antibiotics for high-volume use, not to be held in reserve. Our targeted approach supports antibiotic stewardship, improved outcomes for patients and healthcare savings.

New Opportunity

We believe our strategy creates new opportunities that are untapped in the antibiotics space. We have the potential to develop antibiotics that beat out the current standards of care and ultimately achieve commercial success. We plan to execute this strategy by becoming a fully integrated, global biopharmaceutical company. Our experienced team of scientists, clinical and regulatory developers and executives spans the drug development spectrum, from research through commercialisation.

Summit Mission Statement

To build a viable long-lasting health care organization that assumes full responsibility for designing, developing trial enrolment and commercializing patient, physician, caregiver, payor and societal friendly medicinal therapy* intended to improve quality of life, increase potential duration of life and resolve serious medical health care needs. To identify and control promising product candidates based on exceptional scientific development and administrational expertise, develop our products in a rapid, cost-efficient manner and to pursue commercialization and/or development partners when and where appropriate. 

We will accomplish this by building a team of world class scientists and business administrators that apply themselves to this mission. Team Summit exists to strategize and execute a path forward that places us in the relevant market share leadership position, as well as driving continuous expansion of knowledge, ability, capability and wealth for all involved stakeholders. 

*for our purposes friendly medicinal therapy is defined as follows: therapeutic efficacy (cure with duration and without recurrence) over therapeutic trauma. Therapeutic trauma is defined as serious side effects while on therapy or post therapy but related to therapy, disease recurrence, patient non-compliance with daily dosage due to challenges associated with our therapy, it’s unaffordability or inaccessibility. 

Summit was founded in 2003 and our shares are listed on the Nasdaq Global Market (symbol ‘SMMT’). We are headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK, and have offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, and Cambridge, UK.