Summit is developing new mechanism antibiotics for the treatment of serious infections

The world is entering an era of untreatable infections. There is overuse of existing antibiotics, and the last new mechanism antibiotic to be approved by the US FDA was in 2003. Without urgent action, once easily curable infections could become global health crises.

We believe that new mechanism antibiotics are the solution to combating today’s bacterial threats. With new mechanism antibiotics in development for C. difficile infection (‘CDI’), ESKAPE pathogens and our Discuva platform to expand our pipeline, we believe we are a leader in antibiotic innovation.

At the core of our strategy, we are using new science and a new philosophy to create new opportunities in infectious diseases.

To execute this strategy, we are developing new mechanism antibiotics:

  • Designed to be specific to a pathogen or infection.
  • Aimed at meeting the unmet needs of patients and healthcare providers.
  • Developed to be commercially attractive with compelling value for payors and healthcare systems.

Our goal is to achieve commercial success by replacing the current standards of care.

Our focus is on developing new mechanism antibiotics for bacteria listed as urgent or serious threats by the US Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization.

Learn More about how our Phase 3 precision antibiotic, ridinilazole, exemplifies our strategy.

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